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Your First Projects on the Laser Cutter

Here we have brought together a collection of basic designs that you can make using the laser cutter.  Making these will give you the basic skills needed for the use of the laser cutter.

Project 1 - Earbud Holder


The earbud holder is a great first project to make.  Its a one piece product, so no assembly is required.  The picture shows the earbud holder cut from 1/8" bamboo.


Use plywood, MDF or acrylic

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Project 2 - Magazine Box


This box is sized to hold magazines or owner's manuals.  It uses finger joints which is common joinery for laser projects to allow for easy alignment of the pieces.  It can be assembled with small nails or glue.  The picture shows it made in 1/4" maple plywood.


Use plywood or MDF

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Project 3 - Finger Box


For your first project, you should make a finger box.  Fingers is a common joinery for laser projects.  The box design can be scaled up or down to make bigger or smaller boxes.  One thing to note is that the length of the fingers should be equal to the thickness of the material being used.  The picture shows it made in 1/4" maple plywood.


The finger box can be made from plywood, MDF or acrylic.

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Project 4 - Cage Ball


This is a somewhat useless product.  But its great to get you thinking about how flat sheets of material can be turned into 3D spheres.  The picture shows it made in 3mm MDF and 3mm red acrylic.


The Cage Ball can be made from wood, MDF or acrylic.

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Project 5 - Triceratops


Here's another example of using material that comes in sheets and turning it into a 3D object.  The picture shows it made in 1/4" orange acrylic.


The Triceratops can be made from wood, MDF, acrylic or cardboard.

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Learn More about the Laser Cutter

We've created a free eBook to help you get started on the Laser Cutter.  It has a lot of information that will accelerate your learning and improve the quality of your products from the laser.

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