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The Obrary definition of Open Design

The world of Open Design is still in its infancy. There is not a common definition for the term 'Open Design' yet. So in the post, I'll explore some of the current meanings and give the Obrary definition of Open Design.

From SketchUp to Rhino

Here's the steps that I take to import a model built in SketchUp into Rhino.

From SketchUp to VCarve

One of the 3D modelling tools that I use for designing plywood furniture is SketchUp. The goal is to have the plywood cut by a CNC router. The software I’ve been using to create the g-code for the router is VCarve. Here’s the process I’ve been using to get the 3D model from SketchUp into VCarve.

From SketchUp to Laser Cutting

Here I'll explain the workflow that I use to go from a 3D SketchUp model to printing on a laser cutter.

Working on a design

I've been spending the last week or so getting up to speed on building scalable models. By scalable, I mean models that change dynamically when the end user adjusts a setting. To do this, I started with SketchUp. There's a free version of SketchUp available at The version is pretty powerful. But for the ability to have dynamic models, I needed the Pro version which cost around $500.