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Best Personalized Gifts for This Holiday

As I recently discussed, personalized products are better.  The same is true for gifts -- personalized is better.  It provides the recipient of the gift and lasting memory behind the giver of the gift and the sentiment the gift was given under.  Here's my top ten recomendations on stores with personalized gifts to give this holiday season:

Why Are Personalized Products Better?

Personalized Products

There's no shortage of studies that show people perceive personalized products has having more value than their non-personalized counterparts.  In fact, personalized products sell for an average of 33% more than the plain version.  Let's examine some of the psychology behind this.  

What should I charge for personalized products?

If you talk to shop owners that are selling personalized products, one thing you'll hear from them is confusion over how to price their personalized products.  There are not many best practices.  Most shop owners just set their pricing without having sound reasoning behind their choices.  I've talked to many of these shop owners and here's what I've learned.