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Surfboard Rack Beta

Hot off the press! Here's our new surfboard rack prototype. Rope was used as a way to suspend the boards, to prevent them from hitting hard surface which would cause cracking of the surface glassing. Aside from that, the rope also provided a nice visual element. Inside slots can hold two boards w/o fins easy, and outer slots can hold two boards where one has fins, so it can hold about 8 boards total. It was a great learning process, validated some design decisions and now we have a much better idea what works and doesn't for the next iteration! We've been building so much storage, when we have an office, I bet it'll be very organized.

Working on a design

I've been spending the last week or so getting up to speed on building scalable models. By scalable, I mean models that change dynamically when the end user adjusts a setting. To do this, I started with SketchUp. There's a free version of SketchUp available at The version is pretty powerful. But for the ability to have dynamic models, I needed the Pro version which cost around $500.