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Tools to use with a Laser Cutter

When you are working on the laser cutter, you should have some tools with you to handle whatever situations happen.  Here's the collection of tools that I always bring with me to the laser cutter.  This can help you put together your own set of tools for the laser cutter.

Tool Box

I have to admit, I like bags.  I like all of the pockets and how they are designed for specific applications.  So, I enjoyed getting a tool bag to carry my tools to the laser.  I got this one at Home Depot.  They have a wide variety of heavy duty canvas bags, so you'll be able to find the right sized one for all of the things you carry.  This bag is 18" wide, so its pretty big and can hold a lot of tools.  I got this one as my application tape (explained below) fits inside the bag.


Application Tape

Application tape is used to protect materials from laser charring.  Some materials, like acrylic, come with protective paper applied to the surface.  But other materials like wood do not.  That's where the application tape comes into play.  Application tape is not very sticky, like painter's tape.  But it comes in much wider rolls.  You can get it in a variety of widths for 12" to 36".  You can find application tape at your local sign shop supply store.  I get the 18" wide roll.

Blue Painter's Tape

This is regular painter's tape that you can get at any hardware store.  I use this tape in a couple of ways.

  • The first use is to protect the surface of smaller pieces being cut.  Much in the same way as application tape.
  • The second use is for making squares to place material down on.   This technique is explained further in the eBook described at the bottom of this page.


I always have a small sheet of cardboard in my bag.  I use it for jigs which are explained more in the eBook below.  It's also useful to do a test cut with before cutting more expensive material.


Calipers are used to measure the thickness of materials.  I use that information to determine the right speed and power settings for the laser.

These calipers are digital and display both inches and metric.  I bought these calipers at Harbor Freight and they were relatively inexpensive at under $20.

Utility Knife

A razor blade is useful for cutting tape and cardboard.  It also good for cutting material that wasn't cut all of the way through by the laser cutter.


A simple pair of heavy duty tape for cutting cardboard, application tape, blue tape and material.


I always have a simple sharpie with me.  It's useful for marking material, tape and jigs.

Tape Measure

A tape measure is quite useful.  Primarily, I use it to measure material to see if it is large enough for the pieces I want to cut.  One thing about this tape measure that I really like is that it has both inches and metric markings on it.

Hacksaw Blade

Here I have a hacksaw blade, but not the hacksaw frame. I use the blade to cut material where the laser cutting was incomplete.

Learn More about the Laser Cutter

We've created a free eBook to help you get started on the Laser Cutter.  It has a lot of information that will accelerate your learning and improve the quality of your products from the laser.

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