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Scott Austin

Scott Austin

Co-founder and CEO of ProductGraph

Recent Posts by Scott Austin:

Creating an Admin Account for your Shopify store

This video will show you to create an 'admin' account for yourself in your Shopify store. At ProductGraph, we enable a lot of functionality for admin accounts.  Following these steps will unlock that functionality for you.

Google Analytics Access

At ProductGraph, we add some Google Analytics reports that we've specifically customized for Shopify stores to our clients' GA account.  This video shows how to provide us with Google Analytics access.

Create a New Page Details Template in the Turbo theme

 One of the best features of the Turbo theme is its ability to create rich, engaging pages for content pages like About Us and Contact Us.  

Editing Pages in Your Shopify Store

Shopify pages can be created in a couple of different ways.  This video explains those different ways and shows you how to edit content depending on how the page was built.

Admin Quicklinks for Shopify Stores

Here's an explanation on the admin quicklink functionality that we add to most Shopify stores for our clients. It allows store admins to get from the front-end (the customer facing side) of their store to the correct spot in the Shopify admin in one click.