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Why Are Personalized Products Better?

Personalized Products

There's no shortage of studies that show people perceive personalized products has having more value than their non-personalized counterparts.  In fact, personalized products sell for an average of 33% more than the plain version.  Let's examine some of the psychology behind this.  

Setting Product Configurators with Shopify

Our Product Configurators work with most eCommerce solutions.  More specifically, it works with any platform with a robust API.  Shopify is the most common eCommerce solution used by our customers.  This blog post will show you how to map one of our Product Configurators to a product in your Shopify store.

Opening SVG files in CorelDraw

Its no secret that CorelDraw doesn't work well on SVG files.  It is possible though to make the experience and the result better.  So here are some tips and tricks on making SVGs work with CorelDraw.

Importing Reviews into Your Shopify Store and Getting the Dates Right

Shopify has a free app called Product Reviews that is a great way to get reviews started in your store.  You can import reviews from your other channels.  Some store owners experience issues with how the store is displayed when importing reviews.  Here's how to remedy the issue.

Top 10 Open Designs for July 2016

Here's the ten most popular free and open downloads from Obrary for June 2016. 

SSL Certificates in your Shopify Store

SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) is a web standard that secures your site by encrypting communications between the server and customers.  Google prefers sites that are secured through SSL.  You can tell when a site is secure as the URL will start with https:// (the S is the key indicator) and browsers give visual queues like this.