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Artist Highlight - Wild Wood Vermont

Wild Wood Vermont turns wood travel mugs by hand on a lathe and personalizes them with engraving done on the laser cutter.  They have a variety of designs that can be applied to the three styles of mugs that they make.  Wild Wood Vermont is run by the husband and wife team of Sean and Erin Murray.  

 The store is on the Shopify platform.  They use the ProductGraph Product Configurator to allow their customers to visualize their designs.  Here's some of their products.

The #FeelTheBern mug.  Being from Vermont, Wild Wood Vermont has made a line of Bernie Sanders mugs.  You can see the different designs below.  The backside allows for personalized text.


#FeelTheBern Travel Mug

The next product is a series of designs for a wedding party.  The artwork for these are from ProductGraph's open designs.


Groomsman Gifts Travel Mugs

And the last series of artwork is from Wild Wood Vermont's outdoors series.


Outdoors Travel Mugs

Each of the products also allows the consumer to personalize the backside of the mug with text.  Wild Wood Vermont choose six fonts from Google's open fonts.  These fonts give the consumer enough variety in styles to meet their needs but also limits the choices so the consumer doesn't have any difficulty in picking the right one for them.


Font Choices

The Shopping Configurator for these mugs allows the consumer to configure and visualize both sides of the mug at that same time. The user can select the artwork and font.  As they type in the text, they can see exactly what it will look like.  The text size scales as each character is entered.


Shopping Configurator in Action

Notice how the text wraps lines as needed to fit within the boundary.
Wild Wood Vermont has now had Shopping Configurators in their store for a couple of months now.  Here's what Sean has to say about them:
"I am able to eliminate the time spent communicating with my Customers over engraving and the placement questions. Not only is ProductGraph's Shopping integration user friendly but it allows my customers to customize their engraving the way they want it to look, allowing for a faster turnaround time and satisfactory customer service."

To learn more about our Shopping Configurator and how it can help your personalization business, please click below.
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