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Shipping Your Laser Cutter Products

If you are running an online store and selling products to customers outside of your local area, you are going to need to ship products. Here are some things to think about when it comes to shipping your products to your customers.

Create an Online Presence for Your Laser Cutter Company

There are many options for you to help you create an online presence.  Most companies will use more than one of them, so that have multiple channels of business revenue.  Diversification of revenue streams across channels can minimize the risk of a single channel failing (for whatever reason).

Creating Your Laser Cutter Company

To get your laser cutter business started, you are going to need to register the business with the appropriate government entities. The rules vary by location and are subject to change. Here are links to the appropriate government websites.

Creating Your Laser Company's Brand

Here’s a definition of Brand from Donna Antonucci:

Brand is a known identity of a company in terms of what products and services they offer but also the essence of what the company stands for in terms of service and other emotional, non-tangible consumer concerns. To brand something is when a company or person makes descriptive and evocative communications, subtle and overt statements that describe what the company stands for. For example, is the brand the most economical, does it stands for superior service, is it an environmental responsible provider of x,y,z service or product. Each communication is deliberate in evoking emotion in the receiver to leave him/her with an essence of what the company or person stands for.

Here are some of the tasks you need to take to establish your brand.

Laser Cutter Products and Services to Sell

If you are looking to turn your laser cutter into a business, there are many decisions you will have to make including the products and services you will deliver. The revenue stream for your Laser Cutter business will fall under two big umbrellas, products and services.  Products are those products that are defined by you, marketed to your audience and sold to customers.  Services are less defined than products.  Here are some further details.

Top Product Designs for July 2015

Here's the ten most downloaded free and open designs from Obrary for July 2015:

Laser Cutter Overview

Laser cutting is a technology that uses a laser to cut and engrave materials In the past, it has typically used for industrial manufacturing applications because of the high cost of the machines.  Currently, the cost for the machinery is coming down, so they are starting to be used by schools, small businesses, and hobbyists.

Laser cutting works by directing the output of a high-power laser through optics. The laser optics and CNC (computer numerical control) are used to direct the laser beam.  A typical commercial laser for cutting materials involves a motion control system to follow a CNC or G-code of the pattern to be cut and/or engraved onto the material. The focused laser beam is directed at the material, which then either melts, burns, vaporizes away, or is blown away by a jet of gas leaving an edge with a high-quality surface finish.