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Laser Engraving on Mirrored Acrylic

Mirrored acrylic is a great material to make fun products.  As the name implies the acrylic sheet acts as a mirror.  It’s made essentially by taking a normal sheet of acrylic and applying a mirror coating to one side.  The mirror surface faces the acrylic, so the mirror is protected by the acrylic sheet.  Here’s a sample of what it looks like.

Living Hinges on the Laser Cutter

Living hinges are fascinating to most people. It’s a technique that allows you to bend what is normally a flat and rigid material. With living hinges you can bend plywood, acrylic and many other materials. Living hinges can be used to make hinges which allow something in your product to bend. And they can also be used to create a fixed curved material out of a sheet.

Top Product Designs for the First Half of 2015

Here's the ten most downloaded free and open designs from Obrary for the first half of 2015:

Using Application Tape with the Laser Cutter

Application tape is great tool to use when working with wood on the laser cutter.  It reduces the amount of cleanup and sanding that is need after cutting wood on the laser cutter. Here are some best practices.

Using Cardboard Jigs on the Laser Cutter

When working on the laser cutter, cardboard jigs are great tool to improve the quality of the work.  Scenarios where you would want to use a cardboard jig include:

  • When engraving double sided projects
  • When engraving an object that was not cut on the laser.

In this post, I'll provide step-by-step instructions on how to use cardboard jigs for both of these scenarios.

Living Hinge Projects to Make on the Laser Cutter

Here's a collection of the best laser cut projects that use living hinges.

Test Cuts with the Laser Cutter

As you use the laser more, you'll need to adjust the speed and power settings frequently.  You'll do this as you try different materials and try to get different effects. Here's a method for determining the optimal settings.

Making Tape Squares for the Laser Cutter

When working on the laser, sometimes you need help in lining up your material.  Here's a way that can ensure your material is lined up square in the laser bed.

Aaah, Sanding Plywood

Sanding-it is one of the most tedious jobs out there- yet it's necessary to have a completed product. While some find the work boring, messy, and loud, I like it. I love before/after projects (one reason bathrooms are one of my favorite rooms to clean) so I really appreciate the end result. When I know I have sanding to do, I make sure my phone is fully charged, I have my headphones at the ready, I grab a pair of protective eye glasses and get to it. Music is not only just awesome but it blocks out a lot of the sanding noise.