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Your First Projects on the Laser Cutter

Here we have brought together a collection of basic designs that you can make using the laser cutter.  Making these will give you the basic skills needed for the use of the laser cutter.

Tools to use with a Laser Cutter

When you are working on the laser cutter, you should have some tools with you to handle whatever situations happen.  Here's the collection of tools that I always bring with me to the laser cutter.  This can help you put together your own set of tools for the laser cutter.

Choosing a CO2 Laser Cutter

A laser cutter is a fantastic tool.  It can cut and engrave all kinds of materials.  And, if you've decided to add one to your set of tools, here's a guide to help you through the decision making process.

In this guide, I'll be focused on CO2 lasers, which are the more common and widely used type of lasers. The other type of laser is YAG, which is technology used in more powerful, industrial lasers.  It is used to cut metal and in industrial settings.  So YAG machines are an order of magnitude more expensive.

There is a wide variety in choice of CO2 laser cutters out there.  And the selection is continuously growing.  As such, I won't be discussing specific brands or models.  I'll walking you through the factors to consider and decisions to make during the selection process.

Laser Cutter Materials

Laser cutters provide a fine level of control over cutting and engraving of a wide variety of materials.  Here is a guide to the different materials you can use with a laser.  The benefits and drawbacks of each material are described.  And you will learn where to source the material.