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Top 10 Open Designs for May 2016

Here's the ten most popular free and open downloads from Obrary for May 2016. 

#1 - Living Hinge Swatches

Here's a collection of living hinge swatches. The first set shows a variety of different hinge patterns. They will help you see which patterns are more flexible. The second set shows the straight pattern in a variety of different spacings so you determine the best one for your needs.

Living Hinge Swatches

Learn more about the Living Hinge Swatches

#2 - eBook - Laser Cutter 101

Download this free eBook and get on the fast track to becoming an expert with the laser cutter. In this eBook, you'll learn about:

  • choosing a laser
  • materials to use on the laser cutter
  • tools to bring to your laser cutter session
  • simple laser cutter projects to get started with
  • best practices on how to create quality products
  •  . . . and much more

Download the free Laser Cutter eBook

#3 - eBook- Laser Cutter Advanced Techniques

Download this free eBook and get on the fast track to becoming an expert with the laser cutter. In this eBook, you'll learn about:

  • methods for test cuts to ensure the best cuts and engraving
  • blue tape squares on the laser cutter bed
  • using application tape to reduce clean up
  • intermediate laser cutter projects to learn with
  • creating cardboard jigs to make double sided engraving
  • best practices on how to create quality products
  • . . . and much more

Download the Advanced Techniques eBook

#4 - Laser Cutter Business Guide

This free eBook will help get you on the fast track to building a business with the laser cutter. In this eBook, you'll learn about:

  • deciding what products and services to sell
  • branding your company
  • legal requirements for creating your company
  • pricing your products and services
  • shipping alternatives
  • creating an online store
  • marketing your business


Download the Laser Business Guide eBook

#5 - Folding Notepad Booklet

Here's a high quality and unique carrying case for your notepad.  High quality because its made from bamboo.  Unique because it uses a living hinge technique that allows the bamboo to bend, so the front and make cover are a single piece.  You can also have your name etched into the cover.  They come in a variety of sizes to fit different notepad sizes.


Learn more about the Folding Notepad Booklet

#6 - Business Card Box

This box is sized to hold the standard 3.5" x 2" business cards. But you can also use it to store any keepsakes that you would want. These boxes make great gifts as you can engrave any text or designs that you want on them.

The design uses 1/4" maple plywood and is double walled, so the box is incredibly strong. The design also uses a living hinge concept so the four side walls are made from a single piece of wood. The living hinge also allows the box to have rounded corners giving it a much more appealing feel.


Learn more about the Business Card Box

#7 - Sunglasses Case

This sunglasses case is cut from plywood or acrylic using a laser cutter.  It features a wrap around living hinge.


Learn more about the Glasses Case

#8 - Bamboo Wallet - Delta

The Delta is a wallet made from 1/4" bamboo.  It is slim, stylish, and practical.  The slider holds up to four credit cards.  And there's a money clip attached for cash.


Learn more about the Bamboo Wallet - Delta

#9 - Alex Chair

The Alex Chair is made from 1/2" birch plywood. It uses a living hinge design, so the seat and back are a single piece of wood.  The chair snaps together by hand.  It uses no screws or nails.  It can also be taken apart again.

The chair is surprisingly comfortable.  The seat and back have a some spring in them that provide great support.


Learn more about the Alex Chair

#10 Wine Gift Box

This is an eye catching purse that is definitely unique. First, its made of wood. That's right, it's 1/4" high quality, hardwood plywood. Second, the hinge is also made from the wood. The wood is cut in a special way that allows it to bend.

Because it is made of wood, it is a strong, protective purse. It's great for holding your phone, a small wallet and a couple of other items.  All of the straps clip on, which allows you to change out to any other strap that you like.

Parts for this product are cut on a laser cutter. The laser gives an incredible amount of precision, so the pieces are cut to high tolerances. This makes for a tight fitting product that is stronger and more durable. The laser also also enables highly accurate and detailed engraving.


Learn more about the Wine Gift Box

 All of Obrary's designs are free to download. The designs are also open which means you can create the products on your own for any purpose and edit the design to suit your needs. Our designs come from makers from around the world. Click below to see our full library of open designs. Check back often because we're always adding more.

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