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The Simpler the Better

Wall Mounted Desk by MASHStudios Wall Mounted Desk by MASHStudios

Watching our process from design to implementation of CNC plywood furniture, one of the things that has become very apparent to me is that the simpler the pieces, the better they look. Simplicity doesn't necessarily mean all straight lines or the least complex, but that the elements, bulk, or dare I say gestalt of the piece speaks to a singularity in function and design. The Wall Mounted Desk by MASHStudios above is a good example. It says, "I am box. Hear me shout." But the addition of the white gives it a refined modernity. The best part is what's not there. No legs. Solid yet airy.

Perhaps we should take simplicity one step further by imposing certain restrictions on ourselves such as 1) the fewer cuts the better 2) Can be flat packed for shipment. Well designed product imposes a philosophy, and that is really just a set of rules that incorporates our values and where we stand on the spectrum of less vs more, materials, and consumption.

The A Stool by Alex

Stool Pieces on Plywood

Ready for Shipping

Simplicity is really about taking things away to get down to the basic thing where aesthetic meets the function elegantly.



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