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Signs That YOU Should Not Open a Shopify Store

Let me be clear - this article isn't about Shopify.  I believe that Shopify is the no-brainer eCommerce solution for any small or medium business.  This article is about YOU or YOUR BUSINESS.  

I'm a Shopify Expert that is focused on small and medium sized businesses.  As such, I talk to a lot of owners of eCommerce (or prospective eCommerce) businesses.  Through those many conversations and interactions, I've been able to see what things lead to a successful store and business and those that don't.  So I thought it would be useful to discuss those things that I've seen that tend to lead to failure.

Show Your Shopify Customers Their Discount Code in Your Store

Shopify allows us to add a discount to a URL.  That discount code gets stored in a cookie and then gets read by the checkout to pre-populate the discount code.  You can see how that whole process works here -  

Structured Data, Google Search and Your Shopify Store

This tutorial explains what you can do to improve the chances of the Google organic search results for your Shopify store showing rich snippets that include product review data.  

Creating Product Short Titles in Shopify

This tutorial shows how to create and store 'Short Titles' for products.  These Short Titles can be placed on pages like collection to present a cleaner experience to the user that can reduce confusion and increase conversion.

More/Less Toggles for Shopify Descriptions

This tutorial shows how to add 'See More' / 'See Less' toggles to product and collection descriptions on a Shopify store.  The links toggle between two views of the decription, a shortened view limited by a number of characters and a full view.

Rush Order Promo in Your Shopify Cart

Here's a simple, yet effective, way to add a promo to your Shopify store for turning an order into a Rush order.  This is particularly useful for stores that have long processing times due to the product being manufactured after it is ordered - like with customized or personalized products.